Zara Sale Finds!

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Hi all! I dropped off the face of the earth again, this time to chill with my old friends. We road tripped down to Kerry and were teenagers again, that priceless freedom. Gah, working so much between school & blogging makes those breaks all the more sweeter! Weekend highs now aside, hi midweek mundanity. I suppose this is where the age old remedy of RETAIL THERAPY comes a knockin’, and boy Zara you are my favourite visitor.

Browsed the little left on Zara’s online sale last night and found these just newly added delectables, well I’m guessing anyway as the sizes are selling out already! I need some new work attire for my Topshop internship (outfit paranoia in the name alone) so when I saw all these for £12.99 each you know I had to get them! I love chocolate brown leather, its much more like how real black leather looks after a bit of wear (you can take the girl outta Game of Thrones costume training, but you can’t take it out of the girl!), and I would definitely where all of these outside of work. The first one has this Alexa Chung-ness about it, so handy making it look like a two piece! Thought I would share the finds before they sell out, x

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Summer Leather

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If you’re like me and just cannot bare to leave your favourite leathers in the wardrobe until A/W then I got your back. Leather (faux or real, whatever your into) is a staple all year round, so I’ve put together 3 x awesome for your enjoyment above – Online, designer, and highstreet. It’s my kinda piece, something you can dress up or down & where all year round. Drool at the pleated goodness that is the A-Wang front and centre. Perfect right?

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